Lab Work Table With Sink Unit For Educational Institutions and Testing Center Steel Lab Furniture

Βασικές πληροφορίες
Τόπος καταγωγής: Κίνα
Μάρκα: Suclab
Πιστοποίηση: SEFA SGS ISO9001 ISO14001 OHSAS
Αριθμό μοντέλου: Huazhijun-527
Ποσότητα παραγγελίας min: 5 μέτρα
Τιμή: optionally
Συσκευασία λεπτομέρειες: συσκευασία εξαγωγής
Χρόνος παράδοσης: 15 ημέρες
Όροι πληρωμής: TT LC
Δυνατότητα προσφοράς: 10000 μέτρα το μήνα
Λεπτομερής ενημέρωση
Μέγεθος: Γενική προσαρμογή για 3000L*1500W*850H (ΚΚ) Υλικό: Πλήρης χάλυβας
Χρώμα: κατά παραγγελία Hine: 304 από ανοξείδωτο χάλυβα
Υποδοχή: Πρότυπο Ράφι αντιδραστηρίων: 2 επίπεδα
Υψηλό φως:

πάγκος εργαστηρίων χάλυβα


πάγκοι επιτραπέζιας εργασίας εργαστηρίων

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Lab Work Table With Sink Unit For Educational Institutions and Testing Center Steel Lab Furniture


Product  Specifications:

1. Use of range:
Suclab lab furniture is widely used in Commercial and industrial laboratories, research centers, schools and universities, government facilities, hospitals and clinics.
2. Adventage of the steel laboratory furiture: Beautifully finished, smooth, clean, easy to maintain surfaces. Rugged, strong, heavy gauge steel full-frame construction, that is HuiLv steel laboratory furniture.

Worktops: 1. Solid lab-grade phenolic resin (12.7mm/14.6mm/16mm/17mm/19mm) thickness.
2. Epoxy resin (15mm/19mm/25mm thickness).
3. Ceramics (20mm thickness ).
4. Stainless steel. (25mm thickness ).
5. Compact. (16mm thickness ).
6. Trespa. (13mm/16mmthickness ).
7. Tempered glass. (12mm thickness ).

Color: Red, off-white, grey, light gray, blue, yellow, black, orange etc, customization is available.

Demension: Island bench: L*1500*850 wall bench: L*750*850 customization is available

Structure: C-frame structure; H frame structure; Pedestal structure. Fabricated by 60*40*1.5mm thickness square steel tube and coated by epoxy powders.

Cabinet: 1.2mm thickness cold-rolled steel sheet, coated with epoxy powders.

Reagent Rack: Support bars of the shelf are made of 40*90*1.5mm thick aluminum tube painted with powders; Layers of the shelf are made of 12mm thick tempered glass.

Accessories: 304 stainless steel handles; Electrical socket outlet; Gas outlet; Sink; Water faucet etc, all of the accessories are provied for individual experiment needs.

3. Work tops material selections are among the most critical of the laboratory furniture should be considered. We can recommend and supply materials to your individual needs.


Descriptions of Lab Work Table:



Product Name Lab Work Table
Material Steel Structure
Size General Customization for 3000L*1500W*850H(MM).
Bench Tops Using laboratory special 12.7mm solid physiochemical board, double thick edge. Resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion resistance.                                                                          
Frame 1.Full steel structure, cabinet with 1.0mm cold rolled steel sheet through integral forming;                                                                                                                                                           2.Smooth, not to hurt the hand,inside a front and a back upright post, with reinforcements, in order to increase the bearing capacity and the cabinet of impact resistance.
Cabinet Each spare parts according to the different weight bearing with different thickness of high quality cold-rolled steel plate for material, surface after pickling, phosphating, uniform gray white epoxy spray, beautiful appearance, special force position required stiffener, its carrying capacity and anti impact capability can achieve laboratory use requirements.
Door Panel and Drawer Panel Using internal and external double-layer structure, the drawer for cold-rolled steel sheet through integral forming, support bearing capacity is strong, After the seal plate bending,connected to the outer panel of the drawer via drilling screws, All blend into one harmonious whole. appearance, elegant appearance.
The Cabinet of Bottom Plate  Cold rolled steel through integral forming is added in the reinforcement, in order to strengthen its bearing capacity,preventing plate from stress and deformation.
Handle According to customer demands with plastic inner concave buckle or alloy matt handle, beautiful appearance, humanized design. The cabinet body can be completely empty opened, not the middle bracket. The cabinet with integrated forming active board adjusting device, movable board can be continuously step adjustabled.
Door Meader With touch beads, can clamp the door anti-collision glue, prevent shut the door when the drawer collision, wear surface spraying layer and noise.
Movable Back Board Using movable type, free disassembly lifting type structure, and is convenient for the maintenance of water, electricity, gas pipelines in use process etc.
Movable Laminate Add stiffener, to strengthen its load-bearing capacity, prevent the plate deformation, steel plates with pin, can be freely disassembled, also can adjust the height.
Hinges 1750 all open type hinge, corrosion protection, no noise, do not rebound, good strength, not broken, long life and other characteristics.
Slide Way Excellent silencing rails, to ensure that the drawer is fully opened, the load-bearing and deformation. The drawer is not only the daily switch without noise, more make the stocky firmly, not easily deformed.
Adjustable Feet Free disassembly, step by step continuous height adjustment.
Bumper When shutting the door and drawer,to prevent collision,wear surface spraying layer and noise.


Photos of Lab Work Table:

Lab Work Table With Sink Unit For Educational Institutions and Testing Center Steel Lab Furniture 0


Lab Work Table With Sink Unit For Educational Institutions and Testing Center Steel Lab Furniture 1Lab Work Table With Sink Unit For Educational Institutions and Testing Center Steel Lab Furniture 2


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